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When ever I write about Martial Arts I repeat the word Street Effective because there are many techniques one will come through during Martial Art classes but the important factor is to see if your techniques really work in the streets, because out there, there are no rules and fouls, this makes it different and trust me its a big difference! Do remember, the ultimate reason for learning martial arts is to defend oneself in the streets  and “there is a big difference in having a black belt and being one” Be one or never have one.

The Good, Bad and the Ugly                                                                                                                                                                                                            Today, martial arts are practiced in various modern forms – a fusion of various techniques combined as a single package, the good thing about this is, a student will be going through various effective martial art techniques in a single course but the bad thing is there are  traditional masters who would have gained knowledge only in a particular art form would claim knowledge on techniques of other arts too! This is happening because these traditional masters who have been teaching a particular art form for years and even decades are tempted because of the high popularity of these modern arts which is getting popular among the young generation.  The one who gets affected the most are the students who enroll under such masters. Due to the good will of the master – that he would have earned under his  martial art background, it will be difficult for amatures to identity a real master.

Now martial arts are practiced in out of the box kind of techniques, the methods are more deadly and lethal than ever before. Bruce Lee’s “Jeet Kun Do” which he formed in the early 70’s  was a way ahead of his times, it is a classic mix of street effective techniques from various arts. The techniques is based on his own street fighting experience from the streets of Hong Kong, it is aimed to completely defend oneself in a real life fighting techniques and naturally it includes boxing punches and kicks below the belt, which is very very vital if you are looking to defend yourself in the streets.

Kickboxing is the fore father of modern martial arts in the likes of MMA , where almost nothing is barred in practice and sparring. Other arts which I personally consider as compatible martial arts when it comes to realistic fighting techniques are MMA techniquesMuaythai, Boxing and Karate  practiced in full contact formats like Kyokushinkai, all these arts are second to none when trained by a proper trainer.

Kickboxing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Kickboxing is a beautiful fusion of martial art kicks along with Boxing punches. Not many arts gives you the liberty to practice Boxing punches with your partner and mind you, punches to the face is very, very vital when you are preparing to defend yourself against a street fighting rogue. Kickboxing is one of the closest thing to get adapted to street fight scenarios! because you can practice kicks to the knees and punches to the face which is not allowed in many popular forms of martial arts, though every form of martial art teaches you to kick below the belt and punch to the face, you are most of the time barred from doing those moves during practice sessions.                Kickboxing originated in Japan (but it was more popular in the west till 90’s) where traditional martial artists found a need for combining more techniques to make a fight even more lethal and effective because traditional sports based martial art tournaments din’t allow to hit your opponents directly,  you cannot punch your opponents face, back or even kick on your opponents legs! (and still these are the widely contested martial art tournaments in India and around the world) Kickboxing became a big hit in America in the 70’s due to the combination of effective techniques and for the application of techniques which was never practiced before.

As I said earlier, the ultimate aim of martial arts is to defend yourself in the streets and all the other things which you get along with enrolling a self defense class is only a big secondary. Like grading, Championships and being part of a brilliant demonstration team and so on.

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A Disturbing trend

A couple of weeks back there was a shocking video which vent viral – where a women was dragged out from her office and raped! this week its even worse, watch how this women is literally carried away in front of her house, luckily this time her scream was heard what is more dangerous is people turned a blind eye while the man literally carried her away


Age factor

If its important to you, you will find a way if it is not then you will find an excuses” what greater excuses can you have than age? I am often asked what is the age limit to get trained? I start teaching for anyone who is above 13 years old, though not every 13 year old may be capable of digesting what is been taught in self defense training center, this I consider in an average nuweight loss training in chennaimber though I have personal trained with a few child prodigies who have the built in skill, power, flexibility, flow and grace at the age of 10. While I receive enquirers, one common pattern of confession that I get is “I have not practiced any kinds of martial arts or been part of sports activities” it good that a student understands that he doenst know anything. Since I had the fortune of interacting with many students, most of them have told me that they wanted to enroll a few years back but thought they where already too old to join for something like this (at early 20’s) if you are one such enthusiast then I guess at least after reading this blog you would have understood what I am about say, no matter if you are 40 or 80 years old if you think you
are too old at 28 then you right! all performing arts are mind over matter, if you have decide you can still give it a try at 60 you will get through and here is the proof of what I wrote, here are a list of people who have proved that age is just a number check out what happened to these average people who made decision and decided to stick with it, check out these fitness freaks, freaks and a don’t miss out on the 90 year boy who enrolled for a boxing class.

Sky diving

Check what these 50 year old did to this dude

Medals and Reminders of a different kind

During my time as a student, we were one of the few clubs who did full contact sparring and injuries were quite common, every month, I would either limb or will be in recovery mode for a few days, everyone enjoyed it since we were trained in a healthy controlled atmosphere, our training regime is what I believe the closest thing a real fight can be.
I always made sure that even while training beginners, its should be as real as possible, there is no logic in training someone who wants to learn self defense in a 100% safe method. It will be like one of those virtual swimming pools where you will never get wet! 🙂
Kickboxing classes in Chennai

Proud Medal

Though this pic will not reveal the full story (the image is a bit shaky and taken on day 2) it is a proud testimony for me as a teacher, where one of my student kicked me so hard that it left some bruses on my arms, this picture was taken a day after we had the sparring session and it was slightly brighter on day 1. Though I was getting blows quite frequently after this day, this was the beginning.
While discussing sparring with some of the other martial art instructors, I came to know that most of them would never involve themselves in a sparring session even with junior black belts (so forget students) because 1. It will reveal their real weakness 2. Even if you get hit once in a while it will be a big ego blow, luckily I had no problems while doing a sparring session with any my student’s even if they are sparring for the first time in their life and since I am into personal training, it will be cruel if I skip sparring during the course.
While coming back to this pic, every time I see this, I feel a bit taller, a bit prouder, I get a sense of satisfaction that I have successfully managed to teach student what they were exactly looking for, though i am involved in a number of things other than teaching kickboxing the best feeling for me as a teacher is seeing a student struggling to punch on the first day and later making me run in the ring after training her/him, that is like installing a software into them after uploading it for months.
If the mobile phone culture was common back in the early 2000’s I could have had tons and tons of images of the beautiful marks which we exchanged.

Knife attack and the myths


Video Courtesy: Inside Defense, Amsterdam.

A sensible video on "Knife Attack" I have always told my students that there is no proper way or "steps" to defend yourself against a knife attack as taught in many self defense techniques, because you may be trained to block an attack but the attacker is not trained to attack you in any particular way. In my own experience you should be extremely lucky or the attacker should be an idiot if he is striking you the way you practice to defend yourself against a knife attack! 

on Cardio Kickboxing

Will I learn Self defense in my kickboxing classes? most of the this will be the first enquiry that i get from people who are willing to learn kickboxing for weight loss. Kickboxing is popular because of its weight loss workouts but during the formation of kickboxing it was built as a platform for people who were not satisfied with the number of restrictions in a regular martial art tournaments but what was supposed to be a “sidekick” has taken center stage today and now people around the world practice kickboxing for fitness needs, especially women, . So what makes kickboxing more appealing weight loss workouts over its other contemperies? why is it seen as an alternative to aerobics by many?? simple, in short kickboxing is a “calorie killer” and  here it is why
  • complete body workout where you work from head to toe
  • intensive pad and punching bag routines fills a major part of the syllabus
  • It will do wonders for your abs as most of the kicks and punches works on your core
  • involves plymetric, cardio and interval training
  • you will be learning how to kick and punch effectively

8th Dan Putin

vladimir_putin_kyokushin karate

Vladimir the black belt Putin!

Поздравляю Congrats Mr.Putin on receiving 8th Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate! This is an honorary award from the Kyokushin kai association for promoting the style in Russia!