on Cardio Kickboxing

Will I learn Self defense in my kickboxing classes? most of the this will be the first enquiry that i get from people who are willing to learn kickboxing for weight loss. Kickboxing is popular because of its weight loss workouts but during the formation of kickboxing it was built as a platform for people who were not satisfied with the number of restrictions in a regular martial art tournaments but what was supposed to be a “sidekick” has taken center stage today and now people around the world practice kickboxing for fitness needs, especially women, . So what makes kickboxing more appealing weight loss workouts over its other contemperies? why is it seen as an alternative to aerobics by many?? simple, in short kickboxing is a “calorie killer” and  here it is why
  • complete body workout where you work from head to toe
  • intensive pad and punching bag routines fills a major part of the syllabus
  • It will do wonders for your abs as most of the kicks and punches works on your core
  • involves plymetric, cardio and interval training
  • you will be learning how to kick and punch effectively

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