Medals and Reminders of a different kind

During my time as a student, we were one of the few clubs who did full contact sparring and injuries were quite common, every month, I would either limb or will be in recovery mode for a few days, everyone enjoyed it since we were trained in a healthy controlled atmosphere, our training regime is what I believe the closest thing a real fight can be.
I always made sure that even while training beginners, its should be as real as possible, there is no logic in training someone who wants to learn self defense in a 100% safe method. It will be like one of those virtual swimming pools where you will never get wet! 🙂
Kickboxing classes in Chennai

Proud Medal

Though this pic will not reveal the full story (the image is a bit shaky and taken on day 2) it is a proud testimony for me as a teacher, where one of my student kicked me so hard that it left some bruses on my arms, this picture was taken a day after we had the sparring session and it was slightly brighter on day 1. Though I was getting blows quite frequently after this day, this was the beginning.
While discussing sparring with some of the other martial art instructors, I came to know that most of them would never involve themselves in a sparring session even with junior black belts (so forget students) because 1. It will reveal their real weakness 2. Even if you get hit once in a while it will be a big ego blow, luckily I had no problems while doing a sparring session with any my student’s even if they are sparring for the first time in their life and since I am into personal training, it will be cruel if I skip sparring during the course.
While coming back to this pic, every time I see this, I feel a bit taller, a bit prouder, I get a sense of satisfaction that I have successfully managed to teach student what they were exactly looking for, though i am involved in a number of things other than teaching kickboxing the best feeling for me as a teacher is seeing a student struggling to punch on the first day and later making me run in the ring after training her/him, that is like installing a software into them after uploading it for months.
If the mobile phone culture was common back in the early 2000’s I could have had tons and tons of images of the beautiful marks which we exchanged.

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