Age factor

If its important to you, you will find a way if it is not then you will find an excuses” what greater excuses can you have than age? I am often asked what is the age limit to get trained? I start teaching for anyone who is above 13 years old, though not every 13 year old may be capable of digesting what is been taught in self defense training center, this I consider in an average nuweight loss training in chennaimber though I have personal trained with a few child prodigies who have the built in skill, power, flexibility, flow and grace at the age of 10. While I receive enquirers, one common pattern of confession that I get is “I have not practiced any kinds of martial arts or been part of sports activities” it good that a student understands that he doenst know anything. Since I had the fortune of interacting with many students, most of them have told me that they wanted to enroll a few years back but thought they where already too old to join for something like this (at early 20’s) if you are one such enthusiast then I guess at least after reading this blog you would have understood what I am about say, no matter if you are 40 or 80 years old if you think you
are too old at 28 then you right! all performing arts are mind over matter, if you have decide you can still give it a try at 60 you will get through and here is the proof of what I wrote, here are a list of people who have proved that age is just a number check out what happened to these average people who made decision and decided to stick with it, check out these fitness freaks, freaks and a don’t miss out on the 90 year boy who enrolled for a boxing class.

Sky diving

Check what these 50 year old did to this dude

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