dangerous satistics

Often, I receive enquirers from women who are in a witch hunt for ridiculous weight loss and hour glass figures, “I am looking to loose 19 Kgs before my friend’s wedding next week” is what I have heard more than once,  I never encourage any who is wishing to own a dangerous and unhealthy figures which is often beamed in fitness magazines, this particular article explains in detail that why one can never look like the model whom we often admire, infact most of the models in the pictures never look like them in real life. Read this huffingpost link to understand reality..



Straight from her heart

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth – Buddha,Allbuddha these three things cannot be hidden but can be kept under the wraps for some time but there is one things cannot be hidden or kept under the wraps at all, that is P.A.I.N. The most underrated self defense weapon used in the martial art circle is the pepper spray, pepper spray can never be equivalent to self defense but a decent alternative.

This video is a classic example which shows how a hunk can be brought down to his knees within seconds..

Skip to 2.45 for the action or enjoy the complete video

Importance of hand techniques

This is an old video found in youtube, this video shows the importance of a mastery over hand techniques in a real life fighting situation, the guy who is taking on 4 guys at one time seems to be like a guy who is trained in Boxing, watch out for his guard and punch delivery.

Webiste launched – KickboxingWay

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KickboxingWay, Chennai

My official website kickboxingway.in has been launched yesterday, the website is still in its preliminary stage, for the moment it has an introductory page and its given a link to this blog. Want to make this website as the most informative webpage on martial arts and fitness and be a role model for martial arts and fitness websites around the world. I am in no hurry to construct the website, the main page looks beautiful with the logo and the little information that I have shared now, waiting for the right alchemy.

Official launch of my logo

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KickboxingWay LOGO

Designed my logo last week, launching my LOGO officially here, after long time of introspecting about the logo, the idea of creating a logo bamboozled me for years but I am finally relived looking at the output