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My  Club is dedicated to all the brave solders who left their body during the course of protecting their country and millions of others who are ready to follow their brave foot steps.

About me and the Club                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

KickboxingWay was formed in the year 2008 and is recognized globally.  I am proud to inform you, that this is one of the earliest Kickboxing Clubs in the India. During my early days in martial arts, even the existence “Kickboxing” was unheard of even among experienced martial artists! I am a dedicated practitioner of martial arts for over one and a half decade. I am a qualified Instructor in Kickboxing since 2005, practitioner of Western Boxing and Muaythai.  I conduct classes for self defense and fitness through Kickboxing in Chennai since 2008, now I am only into taking personal classes at my student’s venue and I am also a guest instructor in a stand up fighting club in Chennai. Normal classes will commence shortly and I will be updating everything about the classes in my blog here.

About this blog:
This is a detailed blog on this organisation, which is primarily set up to provide self defense for real life
fighting situations, weight loss training programs in Chennai and for general fitness needs. Its filled with information about the organisation and everything one needs to know before enrolling my classes.

All the stunts and other martial art performance displayed in this blog are performed by highly trained professionals after mastering them under the guidance of experts in the field. All the performance are results of dedicated practice,
Imitating any of the techniques in “images or video” displayed in the blog will lead to life time complications and we are not
responsible for anyone if you try them on your own.

Copyrights Information:
All primary contents used in this blogs like articles and photos  are original contents owned by KickboxingWay  use of articles, images, videos or logo without written permission will lead to legal action

Money is not the motivation for me to conduct classes.  As kid I always wanted to be a martial art teacher, today after spending quality time in martial arts,  I am living my dream by teaching self defense, more importantly I am here in the martial arts society as a teacher because of the presence of many poorly qualified teachers who are functioning just to stroke their ego and to make some quick bucks by teaching what they really have very little idea about.

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