As of now I conduct only personal classes at my student’s venue, mail me at if you are looking for a personal trainer in Kickboxing or Cardio Workouts for fitness and self defense

“Seek Freedom from the conformity of Styles” said Bruce Lee, That is exactly what I try to preach.

Self defense 

You can enroll for two good reasons, SELF DEFENSE or FITNESS or both, my self defense syllabus is a fusion of simple but street effective techniques which you can master without flexing your body parts, all the techniques stick with reality and gravity! there absolutely nothing that you learn here which doesn’t look realistic in a real life fighting situation. The things you learn here is not tournament or ring fight related.

These techniques  will be programmed as muscle memory moves.  You won’t be learning any kinds of forms or memorized martial art movements like you usually associate with a marital art class. In the self defense package you will be learning the psychology of street fighting scenarios.

I hate the idea of wooing visitors by saying that I teach them the “holy grail”, I simply teach what “I personally think and rate” as the best technique to defend in a real life fighting situation which even a beginner with no athletic background or body flexibility can learn and enjoy, majority of the techniques are which I myself, along with my other seniors developed and documented over a period of time.

There is no fixed time to master this as, a lot depends on the individual. The only criteria to learn is your involvement and its 100 percent our job to make you master the skill . 

Personal classes Kickboxing/Weight Loss

Personal classes will be conducted at student’s place, classes will be thrice a week, duration will be around 90 to 100 minutes per session, all the necessary equipment including personal gloves, head gears, Boxing pads, Kicking pads and other necessary workout out materials will be brought by the trainer. No additional fees will be charged. For more info visit our F.A.Q

Weight Loss/Cardio Workouts/Strength Endurance/Ground Exercise

Shedding Weight bags: This course is designed to reduce your body weight if you have have that extra pounds, because a majority of women who are actually normal or even under weight think of enrolling a weight loss programs! This course is a complete calorie burning workout sets, a session last for 90 to 100 minutes, out of which 15 minutes will be dedicated to postures and stretching. classes will be conducted thrice a week. And you will naturally learn quite a few self defense moves as the core part will through Kickboxing.

Other major part of this weight loss program will be from Cardio Kickboxing, cardio workouts, intervel training, Circuit training and postures to tone and strength your muscles

> Get into a healthy Shape 

> Increase your stamina and flexibility

> Build strong core muscles

> Learn Effective Self defense

I conduct personal classes within the Chennai city limits.  You can write to me regarding Kickboxing/Self dense and Weight loss classes in Chennai to “”

Note: Classes available only within Chennai city


22 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Interesting blog and do you still offer personal courses?

    I would be interested to get more details, please share your phone number?


  2. I would like to learn kick boxing prinarily for the fitness.One of the best way to get fit is what i felt is through kick boxing. I stay in adambakkam. I would like to know if you teach around that area and how much do you generally charge.

  3. Hi I am looking for a good kickboxing master in the city. I do not have space at home but. Can u suggest some good class in mylapore Adyar t nagar localities . Or if I can join your class.

  4. Hi,
    I would like to train with you. Could you please mail me the details and fee.
    I was practicing Boxing for a month and discontinued it.

  5. Hi,
    Can you please mail me the details…!! classes, fees, timings..!?!
    I reside in Medavakkam, and eager to train…!

  6. I am interested in fitness training, may I know the costs. I stay in West Mambalam and not enough place in home. please suggest

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