Personal Training

“Limitations are set by the mind, not by the body”

Personal training Chennai:  

Personal training classes will be conducted in student’s venue, classes are generally offered for two major reasons self defense & fitness.

Fitness: (Men and Women)
High calorie burning workouts from Kickboxing and Cardio workouts. Exercises will be a combination of WIDE range of cardio workouts which will be fun to practice, you will enjoy loosing weight as  you will also be trained in hardcore circuit training depending upon your personal fitness need and of course you will be learning some quality self defense techniques by practicing lots of kick ass Kickboxing moves as the training program is heavily depended on Kickboxing

The Effect:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Roughly a person who weighs 82 Kgs can burn 800 calories in a single hour of Kickboxing, that is  1000+ calories per session (90 minutes), On an average by going through our prescribed syllabus, on an average a student will be able to loose 2 to 3.5  Kgs per month, in a safe and healthy way, at ease. Apart from this you will have significant change in your stamina, flexibility and strength.

Important: if you don’t loose weight through within one month, you can ask for 100% refund

Equipments: All the required equipment and training materials will be brought to your home by the trainer, for more information on timings, duration, fees structure and other information please mail me at “”

Self defense: 
Self defense elements will be taught from raw Kickboxing, which is a combination of key martial art kicks from head to toe and boxing punches and other than this you will be exploring street smart techniques where you will able to convert objects which you use everyday into a weapon.

Note: personal classes will be available only withing Chennai limits

for more info on personal training for weight loss and self defense training visit our F.A.Q or visit our website

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