The will must be stronger than the skill

How to kick a 6 foot tall eve-teaser on his face if you are not that flexible? well this girl has the answer! Kudos to this brave heart from Bangalore.

They have to have the skill and the will but the will must be stronger than the skill – Muhammed Ali


Straight from her heart

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth – Buddha,Allbuddha these three things cannot be hidden but can be kept under the wraps for some time but there is one things cannot be hidden or kept under the wraps at all, that is P.A.I.N. The most underrated self defense weapon used in the martial art circle is the pepper spray, pepper spray can never be equivalent to self defense but a decent alternative.

This video is a classic example which shows how a hunk can be brought down to his knees within seconds..

Skip to 2.45 for the action or enjoy the complete video